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Non-Resident Enrollment Policy - JBCC

The District has received questions regarding the JBCC Non-Resident Enrollment Policy that will go into effect in all Kansas for the 2024.2025 School Year.

Per policy, the Board will allow non-resident students to enroll in and attend the schools of the district if the Board of Education’s capacity determination finds there are open seats for such students. On or before May 1 of each year, the superintendent shall present the recommendations concerning capacity and student-to-teacher ratios to the board for adoption, modification, and the board shall determine, for each grade level in each school building of the school district for the next succeeding school year. This process will begin this year (2024). Please refer to JBCC-3 for further information regarding capacity.

On or before June 1 through June 30, district administration shall accept applications from nonresident students. Prior to this process beginning, the district will post notifications and directions for completing the application on the district website (

If the number of applications for a grade level in a school building is less than the number of available seats for that grade level in the school building, the nonresident students shall be accepted for enrollment and attendance at the school district.

If the number of applications for a grade level in a school building is greater than the number of available seats for the grade level in the school building, district administration shall randomly select nonresident students using a confidential lottery process. This process shall be completed on or before July 15 of each year. The district shall provide to the parent or person acting as a parent of a nonresident student who was not accepted for or denied enrollment at such school district the reason for the nonacceptance or denial and an explanation of the nonresident student selection process. Please refer to JBCC-4 through JBCC-6 for details on the selection process.

Due to capacities being met at all buildings, we will not be accepting outside enrollment for the 24-25 school year.

Capacity Determiniation