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Inclusion Initiatives

The district currently has a group of building and district leaders who are taking place in a year-long equity study group lead by a national group called Beloved, in order to create a systematic and sustainable plan to ensure ALL staff, students, and community members feel they belong in the Piper School District and have the tools they need and obstacles removed in order to reach their highest potential.  We recently participated in an Equity Audit in which every system (i.e., Human Resources, Purchasing, Instructional Practices, etc.) in the School District is examined focusing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  While each of those categories has their own competencies, please find below our overall district combined-system scores in those areas:


Diversity:         Emerging (26-50%)

Equity:             Developing (51-74%)

Inclusion:        Emerging (26-50%)


Our district leadership committee is currently reviewing all of the detailed findings from this report and working on an action plan for future steps.  We are looking forward to sharing our next steps with the community and garnering feedback and engagement in the upcoming months.  If you have additional questions and/or ideas, please feel free to reach out to Amber Buck (, District Coordinator of Community Relationships, Partnerships, & Inclusion.