Accreditation Process

Posted by T. Conrad on 8/31/2016 6:05:25 AM

Kansas Education Systems Accreditation

The new Kansas accreditation system begins it's initial year in 2016/17. All schools and districts are in zero year of what will be a 6 step/year process. The new accreditation process is based on the following measures:

The main components of accreditation of which progress must be made:

1. The 5R’s – Relevance, Responsive Culture, Relationships, Rigor, Results

2. Kindergarten readiness

3. Graduation rate

4. Post secondary attendance and completion

5. Individual Plans of Study/career preparation

6. Social/emotional factors

7. Cognitive, technical, and employability skills / Rose Standards

     *  Tiered framework to support students/provide interventions

     *  Stakeholder engagement from students, families, employees and business

      *  Diversity/equity in education and cultural competence related to students

      * Sufficient oral and written communication skills to enable students to function in society

      *  Sufficient knowledge of economic, social, and political systems; the governmental processes/civic engagement

     *  Physical and mental health

    *  Arts and cultural appreciation

Individual building goals/action plans are developed to work towards enhancing the accreditation requirements. All building goals are centered on district goals/mission/vision.

Collaborative efforts within each building are underway in an effort to meet the needs of individual students.