Moving Forward

Posted by T. Conrad on 9/17/2015 6:28:39 AM

Enrollment growth presents challenges

Faced with many challenges of enrollment growth, funding, facilities, and future planning, the USD 203 BOE has committed to the acquisition of additional classroom space by way of a modular classroom structure that will occupy 8 classrooms as a temporary solution with the flexibility of permanent solution options. The structure provides for restrooms, carpeted classrooms and all the amenities of a regular classroom structure and would be located on the Middle School/East Elementary campus. Collaborative efforts with staff to address all logistics, schedules, concerns will take place over the next several months to ensure a smooth transition for the 16/17 school year with the added facility.

In addition to creating more space to provide for continued annual enrollment growth of 4% + and a 30% increase in enrollment since 2007, the district has also committed to a research survey of patrons regarding the recent unsuccessful bond issue in order to obtain data and analysis as we prepare to move forward with another attempt. Patron's Insight has been commissioned to develop a survey over the next few months. The information that we will learn will be instrumental in the development of a permanent plan to meet the increased enrollment challenges in our district. The process will include:

                     * Telephone survey

                     * Online survey

                     * Analysis of data

                     * Comprehensive report

This is a very challenging time for our district. Addressing immediate issues and future issues presents unique opportunities. Working together to develop solutions and continuing to remain efficient, proficient, and maintaining high standards will continue to remain key objectives as we move forward.