2015/16 Budget

Posted by T. Conrad on 7/28/2015 8:47:09 AM

No School Mill Levy Increase For Third Straight Year

The 2015/16 USD #203 budget will not have an increase on the mill levy for patrons in our school district! For the third straight year, Piper has been able to hold the line on the mill levy and continue to provide quality educational opportunities for the children in our district. Even though state funding per pupil has decreased nearly $375 per pupil over the past 5 years and enrollment has increased over 400 students, we continue to be a  highly efficient school district and have lowered the school levy by nearly 2 mills as compared to the mill levy in 2011.

Our district is still working to address enrollment growth concerns and the increasing need for facilities to provide the space needed for our 5-6% annual enrollment growth pattern. Simply put, our district is very attractive to residents in the metro area! Temporary solutions as well as  permanent solutions are being discussed. The recent defeat of the bond election will not derail the efforts to continue to pursue additional facility space with another attempt at a bond issue as our district continues to grow and attract new residents/students.  Additional details regarding future timelines, solutions, will be disucssed in upcoming months.

In an era where education is being underfunded and the cost to educate continue to increase, we look to the 15/16 school year as a continuation of the momentum we have developed in recent years. Student excellence in the classroom and outside of the classroom will continue to be the goal. Providing the space and resources will continue to be the challenge.  As a school district, community involvement is necessary for our success.  By becoming educated on the needs of our district and the outstanding efforts of our staff on a daily basis in order to provide opportunities for our students; as a patron you will be able to grasp the true meaning of high quality education and a highly efficient educational system.  Get involved! Attend Board of Education meetings, read the newsletters, volunteer at a school, attend a game or performance, become familiar with the website, download the Piper app to your phone, visit the buildings and tour the facilties. There are so many opportunities for you to become educated and/or involved with our school system. Your support and involvement is an investment, not only to the school district but the entire Piper community! 

As always if you have questions, we are here to help provide answers. Please don't hesitate to contact us! 2015/16 will be a fantastic school year!