Progress Report

Posted by T. Conrad on 7/2/2015 1:45:15 PM

The close of the 14/15 school year is the start of the 15/16 school year. During the 14/15 school year we were able to make some upgrades in technology district-wide. Through strategic and efficient planning, over 300 ChromeBooks and ipads were purchased and deployed throughout the district. Most recently, an additional 120 ChromeBooks have been purchased and will be added to the inventory at the high school in addition to the bring your own device initiative that begins in the 15/16 school year for students in grades 6-12.

Continued additional enhancements in bandwidth, connectivity and infrastructure have taken place as well. Through efficient fiscal management, over $125,000 of additional instructional resources, textbooks, curriculum, equipment have been purchased for the new school year with all funds coming out of the 14/15 budget.

As a district, we begin the 15/16 school year with the resources requested by classroom teachers, the staff in place, the continuation of programs that have been successful, and the addition of a few new programs as well. All buildings will now have full-time Registered Nurses, the elementary, middle school and high school will continue to have counselors and media specialists, additional math and reading intervention courses have been added to the Middle School curriculum, additional special education support has been added at the high school and elementary. On the communication side of things,  a new webpage has been developed that will enahance communication and interaction between parents, patrons and the school district. In addition to the webpage, a mobile application is now available with current schedules, information, news feeds, direct links to teachers, classroom, assignments.

The 15/16 year will again  be a year filled with enhanced opportunities and achievement that continues to be recognized throughout the state. We have allocated funds to continue to enhance technology in the classroom with the purchase of additional ChromeBooks, ipads and Smartboards.  

With the resources in place, and an outstanding staff of educators, we will continue to use the 5 R's as our guide: Rigor, Relevance, Relationships, Responsive Culture and Results. The quest for success continues! 2015-16 will be an outstanding year!