2017 / 2018 New Year New Challenges New Opportunities

Posted by Tim Conrad on 8/25/2017 1:30:00 PM

The new school year is here and the wave of excitement fills the halls. Phase 2 of our STEM initiative is underway at the MS. We now have a comprehensive STEM curriculum in K-8 with work beginning on Phase 3 for HS implementation next fall. we have deployed over 1200 chrome books and ipads over the past few years and we have enhanced math curriculum, diversity and career awareness and leadership opportunities. Our community continues to grow along with our school district. We are again seeing a 5% enrollment growth this year which puts our classrooms at a near capacity level. Our West Elementary is currently 7 students from capacity. The decision to divide third grade last year, and to bring in modular classrooms have allowed us to "buy a few years" of time regarding overall district capacity issues. Without dividing 3rd grade, West would have 770 students this year, nearly 100 over capacity and East would be 40 over capacity.

Regardless of the past efforts, with the continued growth of our district, our K-8 buildings will be over capacity within the next 3 years. Simply put, additional facility space is needed for our district. The continued theory that out of district students is the cause for the enrollment increase is more of a myth than fact. The simple facts are that our district alone has more than 300 NEW residential permits over the past 18 months. Current enrollment information shows that the majority our new students are from out of state.

 By virtue of a bond election, we will be able to provide the necessary space, technology, resources, safety for our students in our growing district. If a bond election is unsuccessful, additional modular classrooms must be placed and ready by at least fall of 2020. I encourage you to educate yourself on the facility needs of our district by visiting the district homepage and reading the constant thread of facts and information. Your attendance at various informational meetings is encouraged as well. 

The success of our district is a driving force for many new residents and a significant factor for our continued increase in enrollment. The facilities plan that has been created is built on a foundation of affordability, vision, patron input, need, and practicality. The future success of our district and the ability to have the facilities to accommodate the continued growth depends on public support. Your understanding of the impact that a successful, thriving school district has on a community, property values, and most importantly, our children's future is critical for the future of our district. Stay connected. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We are building the future for our children together.