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Piper Women Three-Peat as Champions and Men's Team Earns Runner-Up at State Powerlifting Meet

Competing in the Class 4A State Powerlifting meet Saturday at Wellington High School, the Pirates Women's team hoisted the State Championship trophy for the third time in as many years.  The women’s team scored 81 points besting an exceptional Wellington team by 18 points for the second year in row.  The Men's team are the 2023 State Runner-Up after winning the State Championship in 2022.  The men’s team have established their place on the podium at the last four championships earning championships in 2020 and 2022 and earning runner up in 2021 and 2023. 

Piper had 8 girls earn medals by finishing in the top 3 of their respective weight classes.  The men’s team had 6 boys earn medals for overall finish.  

The Pirates had five state champions between the two teams.

Sophomore Keith Slaughter won the men’s 140-pound state title by bench pressing 220 pounds, cleaning 235 pounds, and setting a new state squat record in the class with a 395 pound lift, breaking the old record by 40 pounds.  The competition in this class was incredible.  Two other lifters in the class also had lifts in the squat that surpassed the previous state record.  The sophomore's incredible day lifting 850 total pounds put his name in the state record books for a second time beating the previous record by 25 pounds.  Keith Slaughter is now a two time state champion representing Piper High School.  

Sophomore Malia Martin followed up her state championship freshman campaign winning gold again in 2023.  Malia swept the class taking first in bench (185), squat (280), clean(195), and total weight lifted (660).  With her final attempt in the clean, Malia tied the state record with a 195 pound lift.  The sophomore absolutely dominated the class beating the second place finisher by 110 total pounds.  Malia now owns 8 gold medals in her young career.  

In the men’s 123lb class, senior JayVon Simmons won three gold medals including a state championship medal for winning the class.  The senior took gold in the bench press (185), squat (280), and total weight lifted (595).  The senior lifter has had an impressive two weeks also representing the Piper Wrestling team at the state tournament last weekend.  

In the women’s power weight class, senior TyJanae Hooks bested her 2022 bronze medal finish with a state championship finish to cap off her career.  TyJanae won four medals with a bronze medal in squat (285), silver medal in bench (145), gold medal in clean (190), and a gold medal in total weight lifted (620).   

Senior Kylie Brockman finishes off a career that has made her the winningest female lifter in Piper High School history.  Kylie is a three time state champion missing out on a fourth championship in 2022 due to an injury that kept her from competing her junior year.  In her freshman campaign she swept the competition winning four gold medals in the 140 pound class, her sophomore campaign included three gold medals in bench, clean, and total weight lifted.  As a sophomore, she also won the Female Lightweight Lifter of the Meet, an award given to the athlete with the highest power ratio, meaning she was the strongest female athlete in Kansas 4A Powerlifting in 2021.  Her return in 2023 did not disappoint, she once again swept her class earning gold in bench (150), squat (260), clean (165) and total weight lifted (575).  Kylie has won 11 gold medals and  one silver medal in her impressive career.

You can see photos taken by Annabelle Kump by clicking HERE

Here are the top three finishers in each weight class from Piper High School.



123lb Class

Silver - Maya Cruz, 425lb total

132lb Class

Silver - Hynna Matthews, 500lb total

140lb Class

Bronze - Genevieve Kulas, 475lb total

148lb Class

Gold - Kylie Brockman, 575lb total

156lb Class

Silver - Brylee Little, 500lb total

165lb Class

Silver - Zawadi Kariuki, 585lb total

180lb Class

Gold - Malia Martin, 660lb total

PWT Class

Gold - TyJanae Hooks, 620lb total

123lb Class

Gold - JayVon Simmons, 595lb total

Bronze - Jovahni Perez, 560lb total

132lb Class

Bronze - Ethan Weber, 600lb total

140lb Class

Gold - Keith Slaughter, 850lb total

173lb Class

Bronze - Zane Pudenz, 830lb total

220b Class

Silver - Aaron Henson, 1065lb total



The women’s team brought home 32 total medals.  Here is where the Pirates earned medals. 

Gold (10)

Silver (14)

Bronze (8)

Kylie Brockman - 148 - Bench

Kylie Brockman - 148 - Squat

Kylie Brockman - 148 - Clean

Kylie Brockman - 148 - Overall

Malia Martin - 180 - Bench

Malia Martin - 180 - Squat

Malia Martin - 180 - Clean

Malia Martin - 180 - Total

TyJanae Hooks - PWT - Clean

TyJanae Hooks - PWT - Overall

Maya Cruz - 123 - Bench

Maya Cruz - 123 - Overall

Hynna Matthews - 132 - Bench

Hynna Matthews - 132 - Squat

Hynna Matthews - 132 - Overall

Genevieve Kulas - 140 - Squat

Genevieve Kulas - 140 - Clean

Brylee Little - 156 - Squat

Brylee Little - 156 - Overall

Zawadi Kariuki - 165 - Bench

Zawadi Kariuki - 165 - Squat

Zawadi Kariuki - 165 - Clean

Zawadi Kariuki - 165 - Overall

TyJanae Hooks - PWT - Bench

Maya Cruz - 123 - Squat

Maya Cruz - 123 - Clean

Genevieve Kilas - 140 - Overall

Nora Turney - 140 - Clean

Rylie Wiseman - 148 - Clean

Brylee Little - 156 - Bench

Brylee Little - 156 - Clean

TyJanae Hooks - PWT - Squat

The men’s team capped off the day with 26 total medals.  Here is where the Pirates earned medals.

Gold (6)

Silver (9)

Bronze (11)

JayVon Simmons - 123 - Bench

JayVon Simmons - 123 - Squat

JayVon Simmons - 123 - Overall

Keith Slaughter - 140 - Squat

Keith Slaughter - 140 - Overall

Aaron Henson - 220 - Bench

Jovahni Perez - 123 - Squat

Ethan Weber - 123 - Clean

Keith Slaughter - 140 - Bench

Keith Slaughter - 140 - Clean

Zane Pudenz - 173 - Bench

Cooper Busick - 198 - Clean

Aaron Henson - 220 - Squat

Aaron Henson - 220 - Overall

Jacob Patrzykont - 242 - Bench

Jovahni Perez - 123 - Bench

Jovahni Perez - 123 - Clean

Jovahni Perez - 123 - Overall

Ethan Weber - 132 - Bench

Ethan Weber - 132 - Overall

Dane Bakarich - 132 - Squat

Noah Collins - 156 - Bench

Zane Pudenz - 173 - Squat

Zane Pudenz - 173 - Overall

Aaron Henson - 220 - Clean

Jacob Patrzykont - 242 - Clean



2023 Piper Powerlifting State Teams

Men's Team

Women’s Team


Ashton Carter

Samuel Jarvis

Caton Lanter

Cameron Rogers

Trenton Saragusa

JayVon Simmons

Colin Vigil

Ethan Weber


Evan Damron

Landon Daniels

Aaron Henson

Colin Ketter

Kaleb Kirgan

Xavier Lee

Jacob Patrzykont

Mikey Pruett

Zane Pudenz


Dane Bakarich

Cooper Busick

Noah Collins

Broedy Gengler

Cameron Madsen

Aiden Neer

Jovahni Perez

Keith Slaughter

Emiliano Trevino


Jacob Bruce

Roch Emanuel

Myles Finley

Jonathon Gregory

Quinn Hanson

Westin Haworth

Conner Johnson

Carter Laird

Connor Musil

Trent Rymer

Kaiden Simons

Aarin Taylor

Avery Williams

Gabriel Willmon


Kylie Brockman

Sophia Derks

Kennedy Flanagan

TyJanae Hooks

Zawadi Kariuki

Sierra Montez


Avery Bejan

Meadow Cordill

Genevieve Kulas

Hynna Matthews

Mackenzie McEachron

Grace Rome

Kalyn Sewell

Reagan Wiehe

Thale Ruther


Camdyn Barnes

Kaelyn Coffman

Maya Cruz

Maci Dunn

Kaylynn Jamison

Haley Jennings

Brylee Little

Malia Martin

Allyson McKinney

Kamryn Monroe

Ella Nolan

Gabriella Rogers

Rylie Wiseman


Lillie Bauer

Maia Dolinar

Ginny Garcia

Anneliese Lockwood

Calei McConnell

Natalie McCoy

Nora Turney

Leah Wiehe