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Fall Fun, Career Exploration & Real World Learning

Early Childhood Learning Center students had a full day of fall fun on Thursday, Oct. 14. 
Piper High's teachers-in-training helped teachers move students through storytime, outside play, and gross motor skills stations. Additionally, students enjoyed autumn-themed snacks baked by Piper High's Culinary students. 
And Piper High's photography students snapped shots of the little ones and their teachers at the Touch-A-Truck event where students asked Who, What, and Why questions about careers and equipment.
Universal Construction brought a two-ton truck for students to explore. They counted how long it took for the truck bed to move up and down. Universal Construction's president is Piper graduate Archie Smith. 
BPU brought a bucket truck that elevated sky-high and, with cheers and encouraging chants, students persuaded their teachers to take a ride in it.
The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department brought two motorcycles, their decorative parade car, and an SUV; the Kansas City, Kansas Armory brought a humvee; and the Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department let students try on fire fighting gear and explore an ambulance and a fire engine.