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Carol Grubbs of PHS Honored as Rotary Club's Educator of the Year

We are pleased to announce that Carol Grubbs, PHS business teacher, will be honored by the Rotary Club as the Piper High School representative in their Educator of the Year recognition. Carol will join educators from each of the high schools in Wyandotte County being recognized with this honor.
From Piper High School Principal, John Nguyen:
"Carol has been such an instrumental part of our Real World Learning design, planning, and development. She has embraced an innovative mindset that has adapted from the traditional classroom experience to authentic learning experiences for students. Through her work with our Hatch Program with Nebraska Furniture Mart, Pirates' Bay school store, and sponsoring our Cyber Patriots club along with her forward-thinking approach to relevant instruction, Carol has been at the heart of our work to create opportunities for our students to be ready and successful in their post-secondary pursuits. Also, the fact that she has helped us continue our progress during the challenges of Covid-19 speaks to her commitment to this work.
In addition, it is hard to envision someone more genuine in their care for students, staff, and the community than Carol. Whether it is encouraging Pirates' Bay students to give back to the school community with proceeds from sales, or supporting and encouraging staff members going through difficult times, Carol is always there to help make her sphere of influence better just by being herself."
Please join us in congratulating Carol on this tremendous honor.