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Tuesday Talk with Dr. Dain - September 8, 2020

Ahoy Me Hearties!  It’s Here!  It’s Here!  It is FINALLY HERE!


‘Twas the Night Before School Starts and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The backpacks were hung by the front door with care,

In hopes that the morning soon would be there.

The children were restlessly sleeping in bed,

While Mama, a million things, rushed in her head.

Once all were asleep, happy school dreams arose,

With visions of friends, teachers, apples and clean clothes.

For in just a few hours, the new day would come,

And all would awake to the bright morning sun.

Kids would put on fresh clothes, new shoes and a smile,

And fidget and fumble with nerves for a while.

Then bravely stand up with a smile and say,

“I’m ready to do this!  Let’s get on our way!”

Mama would take a few pictures and wipe a small tear,

For the long awaited first of school was now here!

Happy first day of school to all; and to all a great first day!

--Beckie Black




Remote Learning Logs—FOR ALL STUDENTS!

As part of the guidelines from the Kansas State Department of Education, on days that students are working remotely from home a daily log must be completed and signed by students along with their parents signing off that that 6 hours of learning time happened during the day.  In the past, we turn in reports to districts about the seat time that students spend at school but because there will be days at home this year, these daily remote learning logs are required.


These logs must be filled out every day in which students have a remote day at home (or half day for secondary students who are doing hybrid learning).  The following is a general guideline that needs to be followed:

  • Elementary Hybrid Students: every Friday and days that they may be home for remote learning
  • Elementary Remote Students: Every day
  • Secondary Hybrid Students: Every day they are home working remotely PLUS the half day(s) they spend half a day at school and half a day at home with remote learning plus any days they may be home for remote learning
  • Secondary Remote Students: Every day


In order to bypass the paper shuffle, we have loaded the daily logs into Skyward.  Students and Parents can “sign off” by typing their name in the appropriate space.  Attached to this email you will find the directions for accessing the remote learning logs in Skyward for both elementary and secondary students.


Parent “Technology Help” on District Website

Want to log into your child’s Canvas account? Your student can’t remember how to log into Skyward? Just need some technology help?  We have you covered!  Please check out Under the Parent Tab a page on called “Technology Tips and Support” that can help parents!  Click here to access the page. Parents are always welcome to access our technology help desk at


Bus Transportation

If you have questions about anything related to transportation, please feel free to reach out to our District Transportation Manager, Kathy German at:


I believe I can say with total confidence that students, teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents are all very excited that tomorrow is going to happen!  Will tomorrow be perfect?  No!  Are we expecting technology won’t be perfect?  Yes!  Are we expecting some anxiety whether it be from students, parents, or even school personnel?  Yes!  Are we expecting to encounter a situation or two that we haven’t even planned for?  Yes!  Are we expecting that all of us are going to have to “relearn” just exactly how to do school?  Yes!   But with all that in mind…let’s not lose sight that we are ACTUALLY GOING BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!  Let’s remember to enjoy the day, enjoy the anticipation, and maybe even enjoy the struggle of getting back into a school routine…because parents, teachers, administrators, and community members have worked incredibly hard to be in school tomorrow!  Tomorrow we see the fruits of our labor and the end product of our community coming together for our Piper community to RETURN TO LEARNING!  #wearepiper


Proud to be a Pirate,

Dr. Jessica Dain