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Message From Incoming Superintendent, Dr. Jessica Dain

Dear Piper Community,

It is with deep gratitude and great excitement that I write this letter to you today. I am honored to have been chosen as your new Superintendent and appreciate the opportunity to lead your amazing schools. I am equally appreciative of the chance to assume my new responsibilities next week, as we engage in the important work of planning and preparing for the future of our students.  To that end, I look forward to working with you and implementing the Board of Education’s vision for the District effective June 9, 2020.  

In introducing myself to the community, I am compelled to share with you that one of the many attributes that attracted me to the Piper School District were the collective “We Believe” statements that encompass your beliefs and mission:

We Believe:

  • EVERY child can learn
  • EVERY building will provide a safe, nurturing environment
  • EVERY opportunity will be provided to foster, educate, and recognize diversity
  • EVERY student will be provided the skills necessary to be successful in institutions of higher learning, career, and life-long learning
  • EVERY opportunity will be made to provide effective, efficient accountability in all areas of fiscal responsibility and educational responsibility
  • EVERY opportunity will be made to engage in partnering with community members to maximize learning

As we plan for and look to the future of Piper, it will be these guiding tenets that drive our work in the creation of a Portrait of a Graduate, Strategic Plan, and Educational Program to prepare our students to be successful in their future endeavors.  Never has it been more important for our community to come together and engage in conversations that will allow us to fulfill our “We Believe” commitments and ensure our students reach their full potential.  Recognizing our diverse community, it will be critical to strive for open and continued dialogue as we build and implement our strategic plan. Please know in the months ahead we will be partnering with our community to collaboratively participate and engage in this important work.  

I look forward to serving the Piper School District, the entire community of Piper Stakeholders, and “Building the Future One Child at a Time.”



Dr. Jessica Dain

Incoming Superintendent