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Class of 2018 Posts ACT Scores Well Above State Average

Information was released across the state of Kansas this week regarding average composite ACT scores for members of the class of 2018. Piper High School students performed well beyond the state average composite score of 21.6 with an average ACT score of 24.1. Piper students also surpassed the nationwide average of 20.8 by 3.3 points. The class of 2018’s impressive score is the highest average for a Piper High School graduating class in more than 11 years.

"The district maintains the goals of increasing ACT performance and achieving a 100% graduation rate each year," said Superintendent Tim Conrad. "The class of 2018's results speak to the quality instruction and foundational skills being provided by teachers in our school district."

The Piper High School class of 2018 also marked the most number of students in recent history to take the ACT with 130 students tested. This mark far surpassed the class of 2017’s number of 110 students taking the exam. This number is expected to continue climbing as Kansas state statute now calls for every student to have the opportunity to take the ACT once free of charge.