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Piper Community Fitness Trail Open For Use

The Piper School District is pleased to announce that the Piper Community Fitness Trail is available for family and community use.  The Piper Community Fitness Trail is a school and community driven project that was created to encourage lifelong fitness, fun, relaxation, and learning about nature among patrons of all ages within the Piper community. 

According to the most recent Kansas State Health Census, Wyandotte County ranks 99th among 105 counties based on these 4 health determinants: Access to Health Care, Health Behaviors, Socioeconomic Factors, and Physical Environment.  Further, according to the Kansas State Wide Health Census, 64% of Wyandotte County residents are overweight or obese.  While these statistics are unsettling, it positions Wyandotte County to qualify for grants that could positively impact the health and wellness of our community members. 

The idea of the Piper Community Fitness Trail came about four years ago during a Healthy Communities Wyandotte Infrastructure meeting. The Healthy Communities Wyandotte Infrastructure Action Team had set a goal entitled “20/20/20”, 20 miles of additional trails in the county by the year 2020.  Upon learning of this goal in 2014, Jolene Jackson, an administrator for Piper School District, volunteered to write grants to fund a walking trail for the community of Piper.  After four years of grant writing, the Piper School District has been awarded more than $140,000 in grants from Hollywood Casino, the Sunflower Foundation, and Kansas Parks and Wildlife, as well as a private donation by the General Motors Tri-M chapter. In March of 2018, the school district broke ground on the trail which is now available for community use. 

The six-foot wide concrete trail makes a loop just over half a mile from Piper High School toward Piper East Elementary and back. Signage, landscaping, and benches will be added in the coming months. The local 4H chapter is also partnering with Piper School District to plant and care for fruit bearing trees along the trail.  Additionally, along the backside of the trail is an Outdoor Wildlife Classroom for students and patrons to observe wildlife in their natural habitat and provide an area for quiet solitude. Revitalization of this outdoor classroom will be underway in the fall of 2018. 

Patrons are welcomed and encouraged to enjoy the trail in lieu of the track at Piper High School. Access to the trail can be gained by parking in the south lot at Piper High School. Please note, motorized vehicles and skateboards are prohibited. Bicycles and strollers are welcome. Grab your families and come out for fitness, fun, and relaxation.