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One of Piper Educational Foundation's main goals is to strengthen and enrich learning through the development of innovative programs. The Piper Educational Foundation's Grant committee will award Piper staff up to $1,000 per project proposal. 

Spring grant opportunities are now open.  Teachers with innovative proposals are encouraged to submit an application by clicking the link and sending to Katelyn Kaminski at by April 15, 2024.

PEF Grant Application


Congratulations to the Fall Grant winners! 

- Jennifer Franz and Third Grade Team, Classroom Headsets with Microphones

- Bridget Halterman, Erin Nolan, Carla Ladish, Susan Stockton and Jordan Wagner, Classroom Headsets with Microphones

- Troy Reade, New Robotics Innovation

- Tesa Davis, Health Science Real World Learning Supplies

- Elizabeth Thompson, Adaptive Switches for Students

- Megan Geist, Culinary Equipment

- Jacob Burkholder, Fast 3-D Printer