COPPA Compliance

  • COPPA Compliance FAQs can be viewed here.

    Can an educational institution consent to a website or app’s collection, use or disclosure of personal information from students?

    Yes. Many school districts contract with third-party website operators to offer online programs solely for the benefit of their students and for the school system – for example, homework help lines, individualized education modules, online research and organizational tools, or web-based testing services. In these cases, the schools may act as the parent’s agent and can consent under COPPA to the collection of children's information on the parent’s behalf. However, the school’s ability to consent for the parent is limited to the educational context – where an operator collects personal information from students for the use and benefit of the school, and for no other commercial purpose.

    Educational Online Learning Programs

    Below is a list of the Online Learning programs used in our classrooms, with links to their privacy policies and/or terms of services that are on each of the sites. Please feel free to explore and contact the website owners for more information. By no means is this a static or exhaustive list of educational websites used by Piper Unified School District or its domain. We may add or remove websites and applications from this list throughout the year.

    ABC Mouse COPPA Compliant
    Canva COPPA Compliant
    Canvas COPPA Compliant
    Clever Portal COPPA Compliant COPPA Compliant
    ConnectEd (McGraw Hill) COPPA Compliant
    Discovery Education COPPA Compliant
    E-Hallpass (Eduspire Product) COPPA Compliant
    Edgenuity *Requires consent under 13. District Consents.
    Epic! Reading COPPA Compliant
    Follett *Requires consent under 13. District Consents.
    Gibbs-Smith Education *Requires consent under 13. District Consents.
    Google Workspace (Various Google Products) COPPA Compliant
    HMH COPPA Compliant
    Holt McDougal COPPA Compliant
    IXL Math COPPA Compliant
    Kami COPPA Compliant
    Khan Academy COPPA Compliant
    Newsela COPPA Compliant
    NWEA *Requires consent under 13. District Consents.
    Pear Deck COPPA Compliant
    Prodigy Math COPPA Compliant
    RazKids COPPA Compliant
    Reading A-Z COPPA Compliant
    Reflex Math COPPA Compliant
    Seesaw COPPA Compliant
    Study Island (Edmentum Product) *Requires consent under 13. District Consents.
    Transeo COPPA Compliant
    YouTube Restricted views and SafeSearch applied. Teacher approval needed.
    Zoom COPPA Compliant via school designated accounts only.