• District Goal 2: To continue a collaborative relationship with the community that educates, fosters partnerships, recognizes and promotes an inclusive culture, and encourages public engagement in order to enhance the support of our school system.

    In the fall of 2016, USD #203 made the commitment to develop a council in order to foster inclusive initiatives, educate the public, provide support, and to create awareness of the demographics of our changing community. Since the fall of 2016, many inititatives have been created and are currently being implemented throughout the district. Some of the initiatives are:

    1. Additional cultural course offerings and currciulum development to encompass culture,societal issues, race, and other diversity topics

    2. The organization of various student leadership organizations and opportunities for growth by committing to various cultural and leadership symposiums

    3. Expanding recognition of heritage/cultural months throughout the school year

    4. Inclusion and development of life skills programs throughout the district for students who are in need of additional supports

    5. District Diversity Council development

    6. Increased number of staff from various cultural backgrounds

    7. Providing staff diversity professional development opportunities (5 to date)

    8. Collaborating with student leaders to develop student assemblies/themes based on inclusion

    9. Providing assemblies for students and staff that promote inclusion and awareness

    10. Development of the Piper Hero campaign that promotes and recognizes kindness, respect, inclusion

    11. Inclusion/Cultural Awareness night at Piper Elementary