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School Security

School Safety and Security

Piper School District uses many different tools to ensure the safety and security of our students, staff, and visitors to our buildings. This multi-layered and comprehensive approach to safety is essential in ensuring a safe and orderly learning environment. The various systems utilized are included below:

  • Crisis management procedures/protocols
    • The district has a comprehensive crisis management plan for each building in the district
  • Raptor visitor management system
    • Visitors to any Piper facility must present a valid ID to be scanned and checked against the national sex offender registry. This program also records the date and arrival/exit time of each visitor in our buildings.
  • Access control system
    • The Access Control Management System (ACM) requires all visitors to be screened prior to entering any district building during business/school hours.
  • Camera/surveillance system
    • The district has a comprehensive video surveillance system in each building which is regularly monitored by building and district staff.
  • Building radios
    • This summer we are purchasing for every building a standard inventory of building two-way radios which allow real-time communication throughout each day. Each building also has a district radio, which provides access to all school and support buildings in the district.
  • ALICE protocol
    • The district uses the ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) active shooter response protocols, which allow a variety of response options, including lockdown, during unsafe situations. Our ALICE protocols include annual training with students and staff.
  • Online safety monitoring software on student devices
    • The Piper School District’s Technology Department utilizes a robust software package to monitor all district owned devices for threatening activity including guns, self-harm, illegal activity, and threats.
  • Improved Exterior Lighting
    • The Piper School District has worked to improve our lighting around the exterior parameter of all district buildings along with all parking lots to ensure patron safety before and after school events and to deter crime in the evenings and on the weekends.
  • Exterior Tinted and Numbered Windows
    • The safety of students, teachers, and the staff is of the utmost importance, and window tinting obscures the vision from outside, making it harder for onlookers to see inside.
    • Numbered Exterior Windows allow First Responders to access school buildings accurately and rapidly in the event of a crisis.
  • Relationships between students and staff
    • One of the greatest assets the district utilizes to prevent safety related issues is the positive relationships between our students and a trusted adult, which allows for proactive measures to take place regarding safety concerns.
  • Anonymous Safety Tip Forms and Hotline
    • An online safety tip electronic form and voicemail hotline were created to enhance security and provide a direct communication with the concerned reporter.  All security measures are also backed up and monitored by the School Resource Officers who are on the campuses.
  • SRO program
    • The School Resource Officer (SRO) program provides a Kansas City Kansas Police Officer to support Piper High School.  This partnership has been in place for over a decade. The SRO and Kansas City Kansas patrol officers provide timely response and ongoing support to our elementary schools.
  • Civilian School Resource Officers
    • The District has dedicated financial resources to employ a Civilian School Resource Officer at each of our elementary schools and the middle school.

Safety Notification Voicemail

The phone number listed below can be called at any time to leave a voicemail with any concerns for student safety.


Safety Notification Form

The form below can be used to submit a detailed concern directly to the SRO.