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Suicide Prevention

In conjunction with the Jason Flatt Act

In compliance with the Kansas legislation passage of the Jason Flatt Act, Piper USD 203 has provided information to district staff regarding suicide and the prevention of suicide. Here are some facts regarding suicide:

* Suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 15-24 (accidents are first).

* Every 108 minutes, a teen dies from suicide.

* Risk factors for suicide are: family pressures, school related issues, peers, discrimination/bullying.

* Warning signs include: Withdrawing from family, friends,society. Acting reckless, giving away prized possessions, increased alcohol/drug use, anxiety (unable to sleep or  sleep all the time), dramatic mood changes, rage/anger, verbal cues: "No one needs me", "Better off without me", etc.

* 85% of sucidal people have given warning signs. 

* Suicide Awareness Resources

* Link to additional information: