Instructions Regarding Reset Of Google Password

  • You cannot change your Google account password directly.

    To change your Google account password, you must change your School Network password. When complete, the new password will be synced down to your Google account.

    To change your School Network password, do the following:

    1. Log in to your School Network account on any available District Windows computer (not an Apple computer nor a Chromebook).
    2. Once at the Desktop, press the [Control]+[Alt]+[Delete] key combination.
    3. Select "Change a password" from the list of options presented.
    4. Enter your current password in the top box.
    5. Enter a new password in the center box (minimum of 5 characters, you can choose to use the same password you are already using).
    6. Enter the new password again in the bottom box to confirm.
    7. Press the [Enter] key, or click the circle-arrow icon just to the right of the bottom box.

    After a few seconds, this new password will now work as your Google account password.

    In the event that you cannot log in to your District user account, you will need to contact the Technology Department through your teacher.