Arts and Media


    Arts and Media Academy Leader

    English 4 and Communications Teacher 

    Mrs. Tori Deneault

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  • Are you creative? Do you love photography? Do you love painting, sculpting, or drawing? Do you love designing content for social media platforms? Are you interested in sharing the news? Do you love creating visual communications? Are you interested in music, dance, theater, band, or choir? Are you interested in debate, forensics, or poetry? The Academy of Arts and Media offers a variety of courses that allow students to express themselves and the thoughts of others through various means of digital platforms, investigate their passion as it connects to their future career, and to improve emotional expression. 

  • Performing Arts

    Students in the Performing Arts sector have a passion for performing for an audience through dance, drama, or music. Students in this sector practice their creative art while also learning techniques to most effectively express their creative personality on the stage. 

    Visual Arts 

    The sector of Visual Arts provides students experience in producing various forms of visual art using techniques such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, or graphic design. Students are challenged to sharpen their creative skills in this sector by learning to think critically about their object's intended message and mastering techniques used in the crafting process. 

    Digital Media 

    In the Digital Media sector, multiple mediums and platforms of journalism will be used in order to effectively share a message or tell a story. Students will learn how to effectively curate publications using a combination of these mediums so that multiple elements of the story are able to be shared in the most effective outlet. 

    Graphic Design 

    Graphic Design challenges students to creatively apply design skills and techniques in order to effectively communicate a message. Through this sector, students will also participate in the student-led t-shirt design and production business.