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    Fall 2018 Diversity Initiatives:

    • Harvey Alston Convocation and student leadership workshop.
    • Mark Anthony Garrett student presentations and community presentation on inclusion.
    • African American, Latino, Asian symposiums at KU, HS student participation.
    • Ongoing staff diversity training at each building by Dr. Tyrone Bates.
    • Various cultural heritage months, events recognized to date.


    Minutes from Recent Diversity Council Meetings:

    October 2017 Diversity Council Minutes

    December Diversity Council Minutes

    May Diversity Council Minutes


    Diversity and Awareness Initiatives Implemented Since 2016:

    (as recommended by patrons and diversity council in the fall of 2016):

    • Organization of a diversity council. Established in September 2016.  Open to the public. Announced on calendar. Minutes are posted on front page of website.
    • Have provided 4 different student assemblies on racism, inclusion, etc. since October 2016. 3 of the 4 were also provided to MS students and staff.  One was student organized and led.
    • Provided 2 opportunities for diversity professional development for staff and 1 opportunity for community presentation on diversity, inclusion. 
    • November 2016 the district newsletter was strictly cultural themed.
    • The development of 2 new diversity themed courses at the high school.
    • Deliberate and purposeful recruitment of staff to reflect our demographics.  Of the approximately 40 total new staff hired in the last few years, approximately 32% have been minority hires. 
    • Expanded student leadership groups and cultural awareness opportunities and development. (Piper originated the student diversity discussions with KVL schools last year, several cultural symposiums attended (and funded by the district) for students, organization of BLA (Black Leaders of America), student representation on the diversity council.
    • Recognition of various diversity weeks and specifically black history month at all schools with various assemblies, studies, themes, videos that were created.
    • Implemented Piper Hero in conjunction with Dude Be Nice to recognize inclusive efforts, acts of kindness, and respect.
    • Implementation of a diversity education screener and presentation as a mandatory pre-employment requirement for all staff hired since July 1, 2017.
    • Diversity Night at the elementary - recognizing cultures in our community