District Goals

  • 2018-19 Goals

    Piper USD 203 goals are based on:

    • Rigor
      College and Career Readiness, Technical Education, Professional Learning, Resources
    • Relevance
      Curriculum, Instruction, Student Engagement, Technology
    • Responsive Culture
      Community, Students, Parents, Staff
    • Results
      Innovation, Nutrition and Wellness, School Climate, Early Childhood, Leadership
    • Relationships
      Achievement, Performance, Improvement

    Goal 1: To establish a culture that is rich in opportunities and centered on individual and collective achievement for all students.

    Action Plans:
    • Refine, add, and enhance existing programs.
    • Encourage, empower, and support student curiosity, creativity, and individuality by adapting individual learning styles by incorporating technology, basic learning fundamentals, and performance results into daily instruction.
    • Develop, monitor, and evaluate curriculum that is based on College and Career Readiness and Rigor/Relevance Framework
    Goal 2: To establish and maintain a collaborative relationship with the community that educates, engages, and encourages public support of our school system.
    Action Plans:
    • Communicate, articulate, collaborate, and listen carefully to the needs of the public through various avenues of communication at the building and district levels.
    • Cooordinate activities and events to involve all patrons.
    • Enhance alumni relations.
    Goal 3: To enhance the efficiency, transparency and accountability of our district by providing an educational setting for students, staff, and community to thrive.
    Action Plans:
    • Foster collective responsibility among staff and patrons by emphasizing safety and order and student-centered results.
    • Transparent in all facets of fiscal and educational actions.
    • Entrust individual buildings to establish goals and develop action plans that promote a positive climate and culture in all buildings.
    • Maximize personnel strengths, structure, district resources.

    Individual buildings have developed action plans to provide specific stategies and measurement in order to evaluate and monitor progress.