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    Piper High School sign up to see your counselor!

    This is through Google Chat.

    Scan the QR code from your phone or if you are on a computer visit https://chat.google.com/dm

    Google Chat

    You may have to download the free google chat app for your phone (1st time only).

    Make sure that you are signed in to your google account.  

    Search on the left hand side for your counselor. 


    Lynne Boyette: Last names A-G

    Samantha Coonts: Last names H-Q

    Elisa Dorian: Last names R-Z

    Type a message at the bottom of the page and hit enter or send!

    Counselors will reply at their earliest convenience around other students and meetings during school hours.  Google chats are prioritized over emails due to students being first priority.

    Last name A-G: Lynne Boyette

    Email: lboyette@piperschools.us


    Last Name H-Q: Samantha Coonts

    Email: scoonts@piperschools.us


    Last name R-Z: Elisa Dorian

    Email: edorian@piperschools.us


    Social Worker: Amy Bartlow

    Email: abartlow@piperschools.us




    Search for your counselors name and send a message!


    Google Chat Directions

    Google Hangout Directions




     PHS Virtual Counseling  Office 

    Virtual Office


    PHS Virtual Counseling Office 

    Senior Counseling Canvas

    Junior Counseling Canvas

    Sophomore Counseling Canvas

    Freshman Counseling Canvas



    Schedule your Appointment by sending a google chat or an email to the person that you would like to meet with.

    Students can send a google chat at anytime of day!  We will reply as soon as we can outside of meetings between 7:30am-3pm on school days.



    Piper USD 203 Resource Document