• Box Tops for Education

    Our schools can earn 10 cents per Box Top submitted. And those 10 cents can add up when we all work together.

    Our schools can earn 10 cents per Box Top submitted.  And those 10 cents can add up when we all work together.   Everyone can help out.  If you buy a product with a Box Top for Education, clip it and send to our schools.  You can also visit boxtops4education.com and earn eBoxTops when you shop online and see other bonuses for our school (coupons, sweepstakes and special offers).  Look for Box Top collection boxes at the elementary schools.



    Box Tops are digital !
    1. The Box Tops you clip are going to be completely phased out BUT until then PLEASE continue sending those into the school. They are valid until they expire.
    2. Download the Box Tops for Education App- create an account- choose your school- start scanning !
    * choose Piper Elementary School. BTFE needed a physical address when the account was set up and that’s the one that was chosen but DON’T WORRY ! All the schools including Pre-k benefit from box tops. It’s all divided equally among the schools 🙂
    3. Credits will automatically be applied to the school ! How EASY is that ?! You can check in on your personal progress as well as the schools credits LIVE via the app !
    4. *****IMPORTANT****** you MUST scan your receipts within 14 days.
    If you shop online Box Tops is currently accepting your emailed receipts from certain retailers ! The following retailers are
    *Jet. com
    *SamsClub. com
    *Target. com
    *Target Pickup/drive-up
    *Walmart Grocery
    *Walmart. com
    1. Make sure you have a Box Tops For Education account
    2. Forward your email receipt to
    using the same email associated with your BTFE account.
    3. Box Tops will be credited within 10 business days