Board of Education Livestream Information

We are now livestreaming our Board meetings through YouTube!

Streams go live at 6:30pm every second Monday of the month.

Visit our YouTube channel by clicking here to view the livestream.

Board of Education

  •    2020/21  Board of Education Members:

    John Bakarich III - President (2022)

    Larry Beashore - Vice President (2024)

    Ashley Biondi (2024)

    Kim Brown (2024)

    Desiree' Fergus (2022)

    Julian Wells (2026)

    Jeb Vader (2024)

    Mitch Nutterfield (Board Clerk)



    Those wishing to speak about an issue at a Board of Education meeting must make their request to the Board Clerk no later than seven days prior to the meeting. (BCBI-R)

    During the Patron’s Forum section near the beginning of the meeting, each speaker will have a time limit as determined by board president to address the Board about policy-related matters. The speaker will address the Board by stating their name and address. All personnel and students are protected by privacy rights. Derogatory, implied, or critical remarks are deemed inappropriate and will not be permitted.

    If a speaker wishes to discuss a topic which is on the meeting agenda, the speaker's comments will be deferred until that item is considered.

    In the case of several patrons representing one topic, the president may recognize one spokesperson for the group in order to maintain proper efficiency of the meeting.

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