Vision and Mission

  • Our Vision:

    “Building the Future One Child at a Time.”

    Our Mission:

    “The mission of Piper USD 203 is to provide each student with quality instruction, learning opportunities, and a safe educational environment which inspires academic success, personal excellence, and responsible citizenship.”

    We Believe:

    • EVERY child can learn
      Our district will encourage and develop student curiosity, creativity, and individuality by adapting to individual student learning styles, incorporating technology, the development of basic learning fundamentals, empowering students to be problem solvers, and to utilize performance results in order to improve learning.
    • EVERY building will provide a safe, nurturing environment
      Our district will promote safety, encourage a caring/nurturing climate for students, and establish relationships that allow all students and parents to feel confident, comfortable and respected.
    • EVERY opportunity will be provided to foster, educate, and recognize diversity
      Our district will embrace various cultures and learning styles of students and develop a means to recognize, educate, and prepare students for success in a global society regardless of their socio-economic status, ethnicity, and gender.
    • EVERY student will be provided the skills necessary to be successful in institutions or higher learning, career, and life-long learning
      Our district will develop, monitor, and evaluate curriculum that is based on college and career readiness skills and will use data, rigor, and relevance to guide improvements that are aligned to the district core beliefs.
    • EVERY opportunity will be made to provide effective, efficient accountability in all areas of fiscal responsibility and educational responsibility
      Our district will be transparent in all facets of fiscal and educational action and will maximize personnel strengths, leadership opportunities, district resources in order to be accountable in all areas of fiscal management and educational opportunities in the classroom.
    • EVERY opportunity will be made to engage in partnering with community members to maximize learning
      Our district will continue to communicate, collaborate, articulate and listen carefully to the needs of the public in order to sustain community support of our schools and to assist in maximizing additional learning opportunities.

    Piper Legislative Platform